Area M Tournament Fall Classic 2018


Listed in order from left to right, in the first row is: Brian Honeychuck, Marlene Shaub, Allen Wargo, Jim Smith
Second row: Kristen Landis, Dan Landis, Trent Bupp, Scott Johnson

Jim Smith and Brian Honeychuck earned a Gold medal in Division 2.

Trent Bupp and Scott Johnson earned a Silver medal in Division 9.

Dan Landis and Kristen Landis earned a Silver medal in Division 12.

Marlene Shaub and Allen Wargo earned a Bronze medal in Division 10.



Silver Medal – From left to right
Joel Stein, Troy Hoenstine, Marshall Geesey, Adrianna Vellon, Paul Bowman, Michael Plappert, Not pictured Cynthia Rice

Skills – From left to right – Steven Busler (Silver), Robert Aulen (Bronze), Not pictured Neil Simon (Gold)

Bronze Medal – From Left to right
William Markline, Mark Ferguson, Matt Billings, Delcie Boyd, Jedd Poff, Tricia Ellis, Wyatt Bowman

Silver Medal – From left to right
Mark Wilking, Mark Reineberg, Patrick Lee, Skyler Mills, Gary Gaver, Victoria Seitz, Tony Piermatteo