Give Local York

The social distancing requirements of the Covid-19 pandemic have shut down all spring and summer activities of the York County local program of Special Olympics. As such, our current expenses are greatly reduced (it helps that our local program is entirely staffed by volunteers!). In addition, Special Olympics in York County has been blessed with generous financial support of our community, most recently by our Polar Plunge fundraiser in February.

So this year, we are asking our supporters to re-direct your GiveLocalYork donations intended for Special Olympics York County to other local agencies that are more on the front lines of this crisis, those working to provide food, shelter, and health care in increasingly dire conditions. We could suggest a few, but we’re sure you each have your own favorites.

If you still wish to be recorded as supporting Special Olympics York County, you can go to our GiveLocalYork page on May 1 and make a small donation ($5) to our athletes. But this year, we would be just as happy to have most of your donations go to where they will have a more immediate and much needed effect.

We trust that by this time next year our community life will have returned to something closer to normal, and we will again be able to continue our sports-based mission of support for our neighbors with intellectual disabilities. We hope to see you again, then! Thanks.

Special Olympics PA York County Management Team