Carol Seitz
Phone: 717-870-6214

Contact Information:

Wednesdays 5:00-6:15p.m.

First practice October 6

LOCATION: Mr. Q’s Family Skating Center, 85 N. Fayette St, York

PLEASE NOTE: Jeans are not permitted. Please be prompt for all practices.


  1. SOPA requires that All Participants in our Fall 2021 Rollerskating program must complete this online waiver form. If the participant is not able to complete the form on the computer, then they should contact Becky Rinehart by phone (717-873-0175). Waiver forms must be submitted before you can attend the first practice.
  2. Here’s some hints to simplify completion of the waiver form:
    • The program=York, Sport=Rollerskating
    • The Covid Coordinator for Rollerskating is Vickie Livelsberger
    • The location for Rollerskating practice is Mr. Q’s Family Skate Center, York, PA
  3. As a Parent/Caregiver, you need not complete a waiver and may attend practice as long as you do not sit near, or interact with the athletes. If you plan on interacting with athletes, you are classified as a “Participant” and will need to complete a waiver as a volunteer.
  4. The level of protocols may need to be increased if community spread rate increases. Right now, all participants must wear a mask except when actively engaged in sports training and competition.
  5. All “Participants” will be screened at a common entry-point to each training session.
  6. All attendees need to bring their own water bottles and other personal protective equipment like masks.
  7. Hand sanitizer will be available, and athletes will be encouraged to use it before and after play.
  8. Athletes will adhere to all other protocols outlined in the waiver form.