York County Bocce Tournament – October 7, 2018

The York County Bocce Tournament was held on October 7th at the York Township Park.

Results are as follows:

Div. 1: Gold, Brian Honeychuck and Mervin Kearse, Silver: Gregg Holms and Amy Pepo, Bronze: Jimmy Smith and David Kline

Div 2: Gold: Scott Johnson and Kristyn Landis, Silver: Pat Masterson and Trent Bupp, Bronze: Marlene Shaub and Allen Wargo

Div. 3: Steve Aldinger, Silver: Troy Hoenstien and Aaron Fritz, Bronze: Marshel Gessey and Jaymie Janora

Div 4: Gold: Dan Landis and Noah Rinehart, Silver: Mike Plappert and Tim Moran, Bronze: Sarah Kenney and Amanda Comocho

Div 5: Gold: Ben Nitchist, Silver: Jenny Laudeman and Patti Groft, Bronze: Damien Miele and Patzy Artz